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What is the union learning Climbing Frame?

The union learning Climbing Frame is an easy to use website for Union Learning Reps (ULRs) and other reps who work with learners provided by unionlearn.

The Climbing Frame has as its core a holistic approach. This approach recognises that union learners have aspirations, skills and experiences, which relate to all aspects of their lives; their current jobs, possible career routes and their personal situation. The Climbing Frame has been designed to support the interaction and transferability of skills and experience.

The Climbing Frame includes a variety of ‘Learning Themes’ which are topics of interest to ULRs. Unionlearn Learning Themes include ‘Supporting Learners’, 'Personal Development and Career Planning', ‘Higher Learning’ and ‘Equality, Diversity and Learning’. Users of the website can either browse the range of subjects included within the Learning Themes or find specific information of interest to them by using the ‘search’ function. Within the Learning Themes useful onscreen text information can be found along with hyperlinks to external websites and also documents which can be downloaded and printed.

The ‘Learner Management’ area of the website is where the ULR can store information about their sessions with learners. Working with the learner the ULR can create a ‘Climbing Frame’ of actions for them which can help them achieve learning goals. A variety of reports can be produced for the learners themselves and also for the ULR to show the overall profile of their learners.

ULRs can also access case studies, news and a wide range of useful links.  ULRs can make use of the Climbing Frame discussion forum, store their own notes and links and also record their own learning and progress. 

What is unionlearn?

Unionlearn was established in May 2006 under the auspices of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to promote the uptake of learning and skills in the workplace and to manage the Union Learning Fund (ULF), which was set up by the government in 1998. Its main objectives are to expand and improve the level of training and development for trade union officials and representatives, increase the number of Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) in the workplace and provide access to learning opportunities for greater numbers of workers.

What is a Union Learning Rep (ULR)?

A Union Learning Representative (ULR) is a type of union activist, whose role is promoting, brokering and helping to deliver learning at the workplace. The ULR has been instrumental in raising interest in training and development, especially among the lowest skilled workers and those with literacy and numeracy needs.