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Cooperative Retail Logistics

Cooperative Retail Logistics

Birtley CDC, Lifelong Learning Centre 

Paul has been a driver with the Coop for about 7 years when he came to see me he had always requested a computer course in his IDR but was always told that because he wasn’t in a position for the company to put him on one he would have to arrange this for himself, external to the workplace. The unions, with the backing of the company, set up a learning centre and Paul was then able to take up a course in computing. I entered his details onto the Climbing Frame and quietly thought to myself that this would be the one and only time I would talk to him because of his lack in confidence as far as using a computer was concerned. From being a complete novice to ICT and typing skills which were more a kin to a giraffe trying to stand up on an ice rink, Paul through sheer hard work managed to complete a taster session and then progressed onto a course with a certificate at the end of it. Paul gained the confidence to try out the ECDL Part 1 & 2 which he has recently completed. He now has his name down for the advanced ECDL. All of the time his progress on the blockbuster grid has been a motivational tool for him as he has seen his skills and qualifications move closer to his goal and personal achievement. 

Because of Paul’s enthusiasm and commitment to the course and willingness to help others he became learner of the year 2009.