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EDF Energy to Learn

The Unison and GMB Energy to Learn project at EDF has made great strides in introducing learning opportunities into the workplace for the members and staff.  With a very effective Collective Learning Fund in place, the learners and ULRs are being kept very much motivated and engaged across a very diverse range of subjects, and as such the Climbing Frame is becoming an increasingly important part of the learning landscape.  The learners and their journeys are extremely wide-ranging (as are their aspirations), and as many are mixing vocational with professional learning the Climbing Frame is both appropriate and ideal as a way to record and track progress.

Craig Murray, 25, a Customer Service Adviser last did any learning at University and has a Degree in Criminology with Business Studies and has now just completed a Spanish course through Energy to Learn. Although he is learning for pleasure at the moment he has developed a real interest in Spanish and would love to take it further if possible - and the Climbing Frame can not only record what he has done so far, but apply them practically and map out potential future courses to help him get where he would like to go.

Prior to coming into contact with the Energy to Learn project, Ghislaine Brien, 39, a Customer Service Adviser last did any learning through the Home College where she did a Diploma in Criminology, and is now supplementing this interest as she embarks upon a 10 week course on Forensics and she is very interested in doing more courses to see where it could take her in the future – from CSA to CSI via the Climbing Frame!

Elizabeth Prater, 28, also a Customer Service Adviser already had GCSEs and NVQs in Customer Services and Business Administration but as maths was not her strongest point at school she decided to take advantage of the maths course offered through the union-led learning project to brush up on basic maths and fill the gap on her CV – and she has since achieved a Level 2 Numeracy National Test. She is also currently doing an NVQ level 3 in Customer Service, funded by the employer and is definitely interested in other courses that may become available through energy to learn for both personal and professional development. She sees the Climbing Frame as a good general record of achievement to encompass all her learning, whether it be through the project, employer or external.

In terms of the ULRs on site, they see the Climbing Frame as the perfect way to keep track of the learners and direct future activity. ULR Tracey Wainwright said, “It is secure, personal and confidential and much easier and less onerous than keeping paper-based records. The ultimate aim is for learners to have access to their own Climbing Frame and update and amend it as they go, along with a ULR Review, giving them even more ownership. With the volume and diversity of learners we’re experiencing this is definitely the way forward.”

Stephen Mead, Unison Learning Organiser added, “The joint partnership approach between UNISON, GMB and the management team in EDF in establishing EDF’s learning project is a testament to how a successful project leads to the introduction of the Climbing Frame into working environments for the first time.  The sustained success of the project and the work done by the partners will directly link into the future success of the Climbing Frame in EDF.”